White Ceramic Stoneware Bowl Set with Black Speckled Egg Pattern


You are going to love these bowls

These bowls are generous enough for a bowl of soup, cereal, or a personal salad. They are a statement and conversation piece just by themselves and can work functionally, filled to the brim with food, or as a display, with smaller portions on them. You'll love the variety of black speckled egg design. The bowl is a matte white and the black speckling slightly increases as you get near the edge.

Hand-thrown. Imperfection is perfection

These bowls are hand-thrown in the Thai province of Lampang, which is famous for its kaolin clay deposits. The clay is completed by hand into the shape, and then twice-fired. First the bowl is fired into basic pottery, known as biscuit. A glaze is also applied, and then the biscuit is fired again at stoneware temperatures. The result is a meticulously created work of art. While some may consider the result as having imperfections, we look at it as unique. It's yours, and no other piece will be like it. As we like to say, presentation is half the meal. And we've got this half covered!

  • 7 in x 7 in x 1.5 in 

  • Twice fired stoneware (biscuit method) which showcases the amount of labor and love in the product

  • Great for soup, cereal, salad, oatmeal, stews and foods that have more liquid

  • Beautiful mottling pattern (white mottling on black)

  • This product is dishwasher and microwave safe

  • Made from hand-thrown mold and hand-glazed / finished. No two will be exactly alike