16 in Hand-Crafted 3-Compartment Boat Tray


RoRo kitchen products are individually hand-crafted by artisans in a workshop in the village of Boh Sang, on the outskirts of the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Boh Sang is reknown for their mango wood and this particular workshop was selected due to its impressive track record of creating for fantastic premium stores in the US. These custom designed pieces are not mass-produced factory pieces as each piece of wood has to be selected and carved just right. The wood still contains the bark of the tree, adding that wonderful natural and freeform look and feel. The wood is then dried in an oven using the remaining wood chips as fuel, allowing for the wood to dry out evenly, while not wasting any of the already chipped away wood. Finally the platters are sanded and coated with a food-safe finish. This tray is cut in the shape of a traditional Asian long boat, and has three holes that you can use for sauces, dips, nuts, or even change.

  • Perfect for serving sauces at your next dinner or get-together
  • Also great for basic stationary, candy, or even growing small plants
  • Hand-crafted from a workshop in Northern Thailand - no two pieces are alike
  • Dimensions are approx 16 in x 5 in x 3 in
  • Free form from sustainable orchard wood - no forest trees were cut